Train your Housekeeping team

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One of the core department in running the hotel is housekeeping. Among other things, this department makes sure that the cleanliness of the rooms and property are maintained.

In order to run this area efficiently, you need to train your team members to do a proper job. The task of training becomes difficult due to staff turnover. In the next few videos, I will give you a resource that you can keep on using to train your team over and over.

All you need to do is schedule a day in the afternoon, gather all the new joinees in the department and show them these videos.

Entering a guest room:

Cleaning the bathroom:

Replacing the bathroom amenities:

Making a bed:

Dusting the guest room:

So these are the essential task in making sure your guest rooms are maintained cleanly. Hope these videos are a good resource for training your team.

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Found it useful: Please do share with your friends as well

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