petty cash procedures

Petty Cash Procedure – Finance SOP

Petty cash is a small amount of money, disbursed for expenses when it is not practical to pay by bank transfer. Every hotel needs to define the limit that they would like to set, however, most hotels set the limit at Rs. 5000 and below. Follow the petty cash procedure in your hotel

credit limit in hotel

Credit Limit in Hotel

To Control credit limit in hotel and to minimise skipper and bad debt loss General Policy: Hotel accounts need to be settled in Cash, Card or by way of Demand Draft on the day of departure, unless bill to company has been approved at the time of booking. Procedure Details Upon Check in, the Front …

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Understanding flowthrough

Understanding Flowthrough

If you are currently working in hotels, you may have heard the term flowthrough. If you have not, it is a term that helps your hotel compare numbers easily and see if your are making as much profit as you should. Hotels have industry standard flowthrough benchmarks that you can compare against. Explanation Suppose you …

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