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[Free tool] How to make a tool to record guest complaint in your hotel?

You may have heard every customer complaint is an opportunity.

The reality is that it is an opportunity only if you do something about it. Infact the worst thing you can do is ignore the customer complaint.

The best thing would be that you resolve the guest complaint and the guest comes back to use your services.

However without a system to record guest complaint, you are left at the mercy of the team members who will do things according to what they know.

While it may be well intended, it may not be good for your hotel.

So the best way is to train your team to fix the complaints.

But what do you train them on?

In this article, we will look at a free tool to help you with build a recording tool for your hotel that can help you handle customer complaints for free.

Make a tool to record guest complaint in your hotel

Yes I am aware that there are tools like Knowcross that you may be using to record guest complaint in your hotel. If you are doing that already, then this article is not for you.

But if you are a small hotel or need to save some money from the existing tool that you are using and develop something that you can manage on property for free, then this article is for you.

Introducing Google.

In this tutorial to record guest complaint in your hotel and create a training plan for your team, we will use free tools from Google. We will use Google Forms and Google sheets.

Google form to create the form that your team will use to fill and Google sheets to analyse the data in the back end.

Create a Form to input data in Google Form

Google Form is a free to use form tool. The reason we will use this is that you can easily then export the responses to Google sheet.

That happens at a click of a button and you do not have to spend any extra time typing out the responses once again

Once you have logged in, click on the blank form, a new form will open up and allow you to create a form.

Keep the form questions simple, but remember to collect the required response.

When I made the form, I added the following:

  • Guest Name – Text
  • Room Number – Text
  • Issue with which department – Check box with department names
  • Incident – Text
  • What went wrong – Check box with People, Product, Process, Price
  • Updated by: Text
record guest complaint in your hotel

This is all that is really required to keep track of the issues at hand.

Now all that is left is to share the link to the google form to all departments to update the complaints as and when it happens.

Once you have saved the form, then go to the responses tab and click on the green sheets button. Also make sure you have the accepting response tab activated.

record guest complaint in your hotel

Create the Google Sheet

Once you create a new spreadsheet, you will see all the questions that you put as headers. Once someone submits the form, you have a updated sheet available at your disposal.

Use the filters to sort complaints into which ever format you wish to.

This will help you to analyse your date as you wish whenever you want.

Sit down once a month with your department heads and do a through analysis of the what guest complaints need handling and then train your team on solving that issue.

In conclusion

Handling guest complaints in important, however keeping a track of it and making sure that you train your team on reducing complaints is important as well.

While you may have tools, this can be achieved with free solutions as well. Implement it and see the difference you can make in your hotel.

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