Plan for success

Plan for success

If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up some place else…

Someone popular

Every manager gets stress on how to reach a goal. Goals can be strategic and long term or tactical and short term.

If you are planning a project or for a successful next year, use the tool below to plan for success and organize your thoughts.

If you feel that planning is a waste of time because your day never follows a particular path, you are not alone.

However in all our fire fighting to take care of urgent important, the long term important will often go missing.

By writing down your goal, at least you get the opportunity to revisit during days when your workload is lower.

Using the Planning tool

Follow the instruction on the page.

Once you have finished entering information in the page, use the blue forward or backward button to move to the next page.

Once all the required pages are complete, press create document button.

You can then download the results in a word document for you to keep and follow up

Your chances of success increases as you plan in advance what you would like to see as the end result of a project.

I hope you find the tool useful and you will be able to succeed in whatever you do.

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