Menu Engineering DFY

Improve your restaurant profit

We help Restaurants and Hotels with Menu Engineering. That helps them to increase their Profit Margins

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe

Understand your menu and drive profit

Your menu card can help increase profit. Are you using it efficiently?

Improve your guest experience

A well written menu with popular and profitable dishes helps the guest enjoy their time in the restaurant.

Happy guest = Repeat business

Simplify the complex

Menu Engineering is something you should be doing but don’t do because you have other things to do. 

what you get

Understand your menu

Are you realing on gut feel and intution to change your menu. Spend 30 minutes and improve your restaurant business and profit.

Get Recommendations


Suggestions to Improve Revenue

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Improve your restaurant profit

What will you do with a 5 % increase in profit?


Rs. 3999 One Time
  • 1 menu
  • 3 day turn around
  • Menu Engineering Report
  • One recommendation call
  • You must have the Selling price, Cost price and Qty sold of every dish


Rs. 49,999 Annual
  • Upto 25 outlets menu
  • 15 days turn around
  • Menu Engineering Report
  • Recommendation
  • Follow up support for 1 year
  • Review every quarter (4 reviews a year)
  • You must have the Selling price, Cost price and Qty sold of every dish


Most frequent questions and answers

Menu Engineering is a tool that helps you to identify popular and profitable dishes on your menu. If you use the tool consistently, you can increase the profit in your restaurant and increase guest satisfaction

Pay online or contact us to set up an account. Once you have made the payment, our team will get in touch with you to gather information. 

Give all the required information like menu details, standard recipes, and sales data for the time period you want to analyse and we will get to work

Unfortunately no. A sign of a good run restaurant is having standard recipes that are costed. If you do not have the basics in place, we are not the right partners for you. We work with restaurants who really want to take their sales to the next level. 

Yes absolutely. You can purchase this template and do it yourself

However the success of the file depends on you and your implementation. 

Also you could enroll in this online course and learn more about Menu Engineering

Great. Choose your plan to start or contact us for bill to company

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