Industrial training for hotel management

Managing Industrial training for hotel management students the right way

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If the hotel industry is suffering from shortage of trained labour, I feel the industrial training is one major reason for this.

Industrial training for Hotel Management student is meant as a way to expose the students to the industry. However it is like a bolt of lightening that the new entrant to the field goes through. While speaking to many managers, there is a sense that the training is a ” Trial by Fire” where the people interested in the profession gets sorted from the people who are not.

However continue this long enough and we won’t be left with the next generation of students interested in hotels as a career. Infact these days it is getting difficult to get students to come in for Out Door Catering requirements

So what should we do instead?

We can use Industrial Training as an opportunity to groom future leaders who look forward to joining the industry.


One word that gets missed out in the Industrial training is the E part of the IET or the Industrial Exposure Training. Students are meant to get exposed to all 4 operational departments during the course of the training. A proper schedule to ensure that they work in all departments in your hotel will ensure that they are able to decide which department they want to continue their career in.

Skill Training

Any practical training should involve training people on skills. A structured program on training basic skills will go a long way to help the students develop interest in the course. While they may not be able to perform all the task, train them on the task they are supposed to do. Even a 15 minute a day calendar will help them to learn more than what they learnt in college and will help them get interested.

Knowledge Training

Yes the college will provide knowledge, but there may be opportunities where your hotel does thing differently. Use the opportunity to provide current knowledge to the trainees.

Yes I know you and your supervisors may be busy handling operation and grooming the industrial trainees will be last on your mind, however the free courses on this website is a great place to start. Enroll them to the course library with their own login, give them access to the website and monitor their progress once a month.

Feedback Sessions

Every fortnight, try to have a chat with the trainees about their past 15 days and help them with feedback and support. If you can’t manage every fortnight, place it in a monthly calendar. But feedback closes the loop on the training and ensures that the new trainee feels that someone cares about them and in invested in their development.

Just like you pledge to save the environment and the tiger, pledge to support the Industrial trainee. It is good for the industry and for your hotel

Found it useful: Please do share with your friends as well

1 thought on “Managing Industrial training for hotel management students the right way”

  1. Aarcha Udayakumar

    Very well written piece. Being a trainer who handled atleast 200 trainees average on a year , I can totally connect with every point discussed in the article. I believe it’s the proper orientation process of IETs that lack in every hotel. IETs join a hotel for their internship and after a hasty session of joining documentation, they are pushed to busy operations which will result in them not even realising the importance of their contribution for smooth operations of the hotel .

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