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Forecasting your business

All business rely on Forecast. A budget is a type of forecasting where you try and predict what will happen to your business over a year. A forecast helps us to plan our business. While it tells us the revenue we can make, it also serves other important purpose – planing for your operation. If …

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Do not waste this opportunity

Do not waste this opportunity

Today the world is in crisis. Probably bigger that what the world has ever seen in the last century. Economic activity is down and business are grinding to a halt. Travel is down, Hotel industry is operating at 20 – 30% occupancy worldwide. However as with any crisis, this is a right time to prepare …

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French Classical Menu

17 Course French classical menu

Is this 17 course French classical menu being taught in college still relevant in todays day and age? Lets find out how you can use this age old segregation of menu to your advantage. The French classical menu developed over time to cater to royalties. Originally there were only 2 course, Entree and Releve. Entree …

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Cash is King

Cash is King

Few days ago, on this site there was an article on the important of cash in your hotel during this crisis If you have not read it so far, I would recommend reading it so that you understand how you can collect cash. Today I wanted to build up on that and say that cash …

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coronavirus and your hotel

Coronavirus and your hotel

Every time a new virus flu starts, hotels suffer from occupancy due to reduced travel and advisory. This time is no different. The latest in the strain of new virus is the Coronavirus or named 2019 – nCoV. This virus it seems have resulted in many death in China and many are still infected. However …

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