Plan for success

Plan for success

If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up some place else… Someone popular Every manager gets stress on how to reach a goal. Goals can be strategic and long term or tactical and short term. If you are planning a project or for a successful next year, use the tool below …

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RevPAR Index calculator

Revpar is Revenue per available room. It is a very important metric to determine how your hotel is doing compared to the competition. It is used to understand if the hotel has more potential to make money or is already at an optimum level. Use this RevPAR index calculator to calculate your hotel position in …

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Potential cost calculator

Potential Cost

Often you will hear your Financial controller discuss about Potential cost of your menu. Potential cost is one of the pillars of good food cost control. Potential cost is nothing but theoretical cost of the menu. What it means is that if your menu sold so many dishes, your food cost should have been a …

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