What did I learn from the Pandemic?

Mr. Gopinath has around 35 years of experience in the hotel industry both in India and abroad. Having a wide range of experience, he manages the operation of 6 hotels for his group in India and 1 in Maldives. We spoke with him to get an understanding of his learning from the pandemic

rajeswari vachali

Importance of training and online learning at Sterling Holidays

Rajeswari has a spent a life time in hotels, retail and training. She first stumbled on to the training world as a manager trying to improve sales in her store.
When her boss identified that there was some difference in the performance of her store vs others, they did a deep dive and realised that it was due to fact that she used to spend time training her team members.

leveraging OTA to increase revenue

Leveraging OTA to increase revenue with Pavan Charak

In this episode of the Clarifiedbetter Show, we speak to Pawan Charak who explains the benefit of tying up with the OTA and how to leverage that relationship.
Hoteliers have a love hate relationship with OTA but they fail to properly work with the market managers to make sure they get their fair share of business.