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Post Covid rules for Restaurants

One of the biggest change in the post pandemic lockdown world is public perception of cleanliness and hygiene. It has been shown in an experiment conducted in Japan that virus can spread in a very easy fashion on buffets. With people scared and not willing to take a risk, restaurants are subject to more scrutiny. …

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upselling in restaurant

Upselling in Restaurant

Upselling in restaurant is a very powerful tool to achieve incremental revenue from existing guest. Used effectively, it need not come across as very pushy. Infact upsell can be used as a tool to identify opportunities to satisfy the needs of a guest. In a restaurant, you have multiple opportunity to upsell . In this …

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RevPAR Index calculator

Revpar is Revenue per available room. It is a very important metric to determine how your hotel is doing compared to the competition. It is used to understand if the hotel has more potential to make money or is already at an optimum level. Use this RevPAR index calculator to calculate your hotel position in …

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