Building confidence in guest: Safe hotel operations in a post COVID world

Safe hotel operations

While states are under pressure to open up business and most of the hotels and restaurant around the world are now open, the business level remain down.

In 2020 many of our guest experienced a new way of doing business, meeting people, ordering and eating food. In many cases people managed and ingrained newer ways of getting things done.

The hotels and restaurants have been impacted with ever changing laws and new expectations as business open.

As you open, your key task will be to instill confidence in the minds of the guest and deliver on safe hotel operations.

Macro before Micro

One thing is for sure. We do not live in a vacuum. That is for hotels to survive, travel needs to be enabled and people need to feel confident.

Confidence building should be a key priority for all organizations involved in the trade. Many states have taken the initiative and so have private business.

In order to showcase the commitment to safety work together to promote your destination

The GMs and other senior leaders of the Five Star Hotels of Chennai got on the road with their motorbikes, to create awareness amongst people that Chennai is a safe city to travel to and bring your business & leisure needs back to. They wanted people to know that Hotels are the safest place to stay in, meet, congregate & celebrate amongst all the doom & gloom !!

Deliver on promise

If as an industry we commit to safety, deliver on the promise. Hotels and restaurants should be clean and sanitized. Have hand sanitizer available and social distancing in place. Follow the regulations as laid down by your local authorities to promote safety.

While it is tempting to shortchange the process, in the long run, everyone benefits by ensuring the eco system is healthy.

There is a general consensus that another lock down will not happen, but our industry depends on sentiments. Work to provide the best possible result to our guest.

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Adopt Technology

The world has changed and keep pace with it. Mobile ordering, contactless payment and a host of changes have made operating process that were built over years redundant. Train your team to adapt to these changes.

Guest have started to expect certain changes in your operation. Implement and showcase it using your communication channels.

Use technology to communicate with your guest and employees and keep them updated in what is happening to the business.

Show off your commitment to clean using all forms of communication and ensure you build confidence.

2020 has transformed the way hotels operate. If you are left behind, you may lose critical market share just for not participating.

In conclusion

Change is the only constant. This pandemic has just hastened the process a bit. Instill confidence in the minds of the guest by communicating and delivering on the promise of safety and hygiene.

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