About Clarifiedbetter

My story

I opened 4 hotels and 5 restaurants as part of a corporate job. Over the years, I also dabbled in opening my own restaurant, only to see it fail. What was the difference that when I opened restaurant for a corporate, it did well and when I tried if for myself I did not succeed.

I thought about it long and hard….

I came to the conclusion that it all came down to systems, process and procedures and having a good team in place to guide and advice me when it came to running the show

What can this site do for you?

This site is an attempt to change that, ensure that you are not alone in this journey to make sure that you run a successful business. So that when you take care of your customers, we guard your back and ensure you have systems in place to make sure the business is profitable as well. In the site we have information covering a wide variety of topics from Financial templates, Marketing guides and tips to manage and train your team

Opening a Hotel?

In order to open a successful hotel, you need systems, process and procedures in place. It is mostly following set checklist so that your task become easier.

Our Dedicated resources bundle can help you open your hotel successfully. It is very helpful for first time General Managers who have a task of opening a hotel. Even if you are experienced, this documents can help you get your structure in place.

Need advice?

Running a hotel is tough with many moving parts. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes are enough to reset the business on path to success. If you need help on any part of the business, we have associates who can help.

Procuring Capex, or wish to improve profitability or save energy, let us know what you want help with.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.