4 social media tools for hotel to use in 2020

social media tools for hotel

The end of the decade is upon us. The hotel industry is constantly evaluating ways to reach new business. Lets look at a few social media tools for hotel that you can use in 2020

Traditional advertising is still on top of the mind for our guests, however many are moving on to social media and are hooked on to the channels.

Another study found out that an average millennial has around 8-9 social media accounts.

However as social media as a medium has started to mature, it is no longer free to play.

Companies across the world have been asked to “Pay to Play” which means they need to advertise to get more people to see them.

The solution to this is to concentrate on a few channels that can have the most impact on your hotel revenue and think what is the objective for each channel.

How to start with Social Media

Instead of focusing on every thing, focus on the best bang for the buck.

Email marketing

While email marketing is not traditionally considered social, however this should be on your top priority for 2020.

Why … Simply because all the data is with you. You own the data and can choose to communicate with the guest as you wish. without annoying or spamming your guest.

You can collect email address in multiple ways on your website, while making a reservation and in your restaurants.

Keep you communication relevant, with packages and promotions that you can target.

Many email service providers allow you to target your audience and depending on your budget you can also start with free with providers like Mailchimp


The uncontested king of social is Facebook even as we head into 2020. However unless you advertise, you will reach lower number of people.

The strategy should be to keep posting engaging content and then spend money on promotions, offers or high value events throughout the year.

With advertising cost as low as 40 paise per click, think of this purely as a brand building / marketing spend as actual conversions are not easy to track.


Use it for generating awareness based on your pictures. It is a highly visual medium.

If you want to engage in this platform, spend money on a few things like a photographer to create good quality photos.

It is also a medium where you need to post frequently, so consider how many post and images you will create.

This post brings together the essence of Instagram and how to use it for your business


If you are in business, this year focus in LinkedIn marketing.

It is a platform for serious business, and you should be using it for generating leads for your banquets and rooms.

It may not help your restaurants much however, this platform can open your world to business opportunities.

If you wish, you can set up your hotel page and attract job seekers as well. I am sure you know the pain of hiring right talent in your hotel. This social media platform is great for that as well.

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Other platforms to consider

After you have finished focusing on these 4, time to look at other platform.

Depending on time and budget you can focus on

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • Tictok
  • Whatsapp for business

If you decide to uses all these social media tools for hotel, you will need you to have a dedicated team who can handle your social media presence.

It takes both time and money to build a significant brand presence so you will have to be patient as well


Social media marketing is evolving however the big 4 continue to be as popular as ever. However you need to be strategic about how you go about managing the channels.

  • Use Email as primary mode of communicating
  • Use Facebook for broadcast message to your fans
  • Use Instagram to visually showcase your hotel and products
  • Use Linkedin to get business leads and hire employees.

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